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Anorexia, personal blog to keep me going. I can't say im pro, i just dont believe in treatment anymore.

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When you lie… you’re automatically alone.

"Could I be read if I was see-through, or would you just read my spine?"
- Silverchair - old one I know…


Name: Lydia

Age: 20s


Highest feeling: Happiness
Current feeling: Depressed
Goal feeling: Suicidal

Kik: depressedenabler

I just want someone who will kick my ass when I’m not sad enough. I need to be held accountable for when I’m feeling too happy. We can help each other reach our goal…

Good one


If someone has an eating disorder don’t ever comment on:

the kind of foods they’re eating

how much they’re eating of it

how quickly they eat it.

just don’t.